About Us

Open since 2017, The Bird Barbecue offers the city the most authentic Texan smoked meat.
It’s our newest addition to The Bird near the Mauerpark.


The Meat.

The meats we serve are slowly smoked for 12 or more hours with hardwood oak for a very tender and flavoursome experience. Served stand-alone or as part of one of our famous meat combos with juicy brisket, turkey or ribs, you can also add the sauce of your choice.


The Beer.

We offer 12 carefully selected craft beers on tap in rotation to keep it interesting for you and match the food perfectly. 


The Bird.

There are 70 seats inside with an additional 60 outside during spring and summer.  In the evenings when it cools down, we‘ll throw some wood on the fire to keep you nice and toasty. We can't wait to welcome you at The Bird Barbecue.